Superdry embodies what it means to be first, fearless and ever-changing. But this wasn’t always the case on social media. Last year, the notorious clothing label appointed us as their global social media marketing agency. Our aim? To turn Superdry into a social-first brand for the ages by taking as many risks as possible.

This Is The Jacket became the brand’s first built-for-feed social media campaign and transformed brand opinion among millennials and Generation Z. Working with six influential creators, we brought Superdry back to its irreverent roots through a combination of original hero content, interviews, Facebook ads and two explosive activations, including a Digiday Media Award-winning live stream.

The A/W campaign led to an overwhelming response across all metrics with 2,904,367 engagements, 3,004,162 video views, 26,736,360 impressions and an ROI of 251%. More importantly, This Is The Jacket resonated with Superdry’s young target audience by tapping into various subcultures across social.

Emily Kinnersley, social media editor at Superdry: “Social Chain’s strategy for This Is The Jacket ensured that our content tapped into relevant youth trends, allowed us to take risks that we felt were justified and authentically resonate with our audience. The campaign was hugely significant as it resulted in brand firsts, and showed us working with a series of social influencers to create a content series that drove the campaign message and call to action across both our own and their social channels.”

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