The magic of DreamWorks lies in immersive storytelling. The iconic studio is renowned for transporting children into the worlds of their imagination through television and film. But how does this translate to social media, where the most powerful stories can create endless possibilities for brands?

In 2017, we were tasked with bringing the magic of Dreamworks’ awe-inspiring stories across social media, through the promotion of two of their most loved shows: Dinotrux and Voltron: Legendary Defender. We set out to make the dreams of Dreamworks’ biggest fans a reality by creating our own Dinotrux models and a life-sized Voltron. We sent our wondrous creations to locations all over the world, where we filmed a series of social-first videos, designed to capture the hearts and minds of children and their parents.

To spread the message far and wide, we utilised our network of 78 ‘mumfluencers’ in Italy, France, Mexico, Australia and the UK. We even joined one real-life legendary defender in Rio Ferdinand to retell the amazing story of how he made his own childhood dreams a reality. Our campaign reached over 4 million families across the globe – but most importantly it sparked the imagination of children everywhere, opening their eyes to a world of possibility and bringing the wonder of these stories to life.

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