In the Summer of 2017, we worked with ASOS and Nike to change fashion forever. The campaign in question? A social-first activation to promote #FindItWithNike, a revolutionary image search tool from two titans of fashion and sportswear. The aim? To supercharge the conversation among young trendsetters.

With the help of our partners at Media Chain, we utilised a combined network of over 400,000,000 followers to get the hashtag #FindItWithNike trending in the UK, resulting in a huge swell in responses around ASOS and Nike’s new fashion tool.

It didn’t take long for our videos, memes, Facebook posts and tweets to explode online. ASOS x Nike’s #FinditwithNike become the UK’s highest performing branded social media campaign. Adding to our success, we later beat Rolex, TSB and Oreo to claim the most engaged branded Facebook video over 90 days.

#FindItWithNike incited vitality on social to reach over 20.3M people (13.4 million more than our target), above 160,000 link click-throughs and more than 6,000 email sign-ups. The campaign also smashed tech and industry headlines, but it was the conversation generated on social that created a lasting impression in the minds of fashion-focused millennials and Gen Z.

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