Why Use Emotive Marketing in Campaigns?


We often talk about the need to trigger an emotional reaction within your audience but seldom do we ask why.

In her debut Scribe post, Social Chain Account Manager Georgina McSorley discusses the importance of emotive marketing.

Emotive marketing, what’s it all about?

What’s the first thing you see when you log onto Facebook? For most of us, the answer is a barrage of sponsored ads and marketing messages.

More often than not, these messages are forgettable and do little to inspire movement or action. In short, they’re boring.

So, we scroll past faster than you can say engagement in search of a relatable meme or a picture of a cute puppy.

As we’ve touched upon before, the current online landscape has become so saturated that the only way to stand out is through emotion.

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Nowadays there is a pressing need for brands to explore the power of emotion in a way that questions traditional marketing.

Social media is no longer about simply engaging with your audience, it’s about taking your concept far deeper.

It’s about capturing someone’s attention long enough to trigger an emotional response.

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Emotion inspires movement

Emotive marketing is all about tapping into the inner emotions that drive a person to move or act.

That could be in the form of any type of engagement that helps to add value or raise awareness of your brand or product.

Emotion is the gift that keeps on giving

There’s infinite value to be had from the power of emotion.

It’s the sole reason we continue to break records and reach new heights of engagement with our live streams and brand activations.

When done well, brands have the ability to cut through the noise to reach their target audiences in a way that inspires engagement.

The challenge is to now channel this emotion into fresh and unique activations that resonate with your audience.

Our advice? Be different! Whether that’s melting a giant ice sculpture, or pumping compressed air into a water balloon until it bursts.

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